“How do you store your supplies?” This is a question I am asked quite a bit and my answer has evolved over the years as my scrapping space has evolved. Pre-2020 I worked on a folding table in a loft-style bonus room. All of my supplies were in what I called “transport” mode ready to be stored away. During Summer 2020, I moved my space into a guest bedroom (we removed the bed when it was apparent we wouldn’t have guests anytime soon.) I still worked on folding tables, but I upgraded my punch storage to Ikea Raskog carts. In Summer 2021, Hotel Jacks re-opened, a Murphy Bed was installed in the guest room, and I introduced Ikea Kallax cube style storage pieces to hold my ever-growing stash of paper and tools.

Once I had the Kallax pieces, I decided to invest in the Stamp N Storage Border Maker Punch Holders to organize my BMCs. I instantly fell in love with the quality of the pieces and have grown my collection of SNS storage pieces over the past 18 months. Here is a quick tour of the pieces I have in my scrap space.

April 2023 Update: Punch Carousels

As much as I love the square BMC Punch Holders for the Kallax, the NEW Punch Carousel for Creative Memories is perfect for my space! Details from the SNS Website:

Two Punch Carousel for CM options are available:

  • The Punch Carousel for CM Punches and Border Punches holds up to 25 punches. 15 slots are for your paper punches and 10 slots can be used for paper punches or border punches with the included spacers.
  • The Punch Carousel for CM Border Maker Cartridges holds up to 80 cartridges.

There are several additional styles of Carousel Products from SNS – Check them all out on the SNS Website: SHOP>CAROUSEL PRODUCTS

Border Maker Punch Holder

I have several of the Border Maker Punch Holders sized to fit in the Ikea Kallax. Normally this size sits perfectly in the cube, facing forward so you can easily see your punches. I didn’t want to waste the space behind the holder, so I rotated each piece so that it sits against the side wall of the cube, leaving space next to it for me to place quick-grab tools. These are 1 x 4 Kallax cubes that sit just to the right of my worktable, so everything is within easy reach.

The SNS Border Maker Punch Holder comes in a variety of sizes – check them all out on the SNS website. SHOP > PUNCH HOLDERS > BORDER MAKER PUNCH HOLDER

Punch Holder for Creative Memories

Yes, I have QUITE the collection of punches from Creative Memories! I love having all the of the punches stored in a way that allows me to visually browse to figure out which punch will go best with my project. I have four Large Punch Holders stacked two-tall on my Ikea 4 x 3 Kallax. Eventually they will be mounted to the wall (I ordered them with the wall mounts) but that is a honey-do project for 2023.

Note: This style of Punch Holder stores the blue and white Border Punches AND the blue and white stand-alone punches.

These Punch Holders come in a variety of sizes – check them all out on the SNS website. SHOP > PUNCH HOLDERS > PUNCH HOLDERS FOR CREATIVE MEMORIES

Paper Crates

SNS Paper Crates have solved my cardstock storage problems! I actually have two of the crates, one holds the rainbow colors and the second one holds neutrals, shimmers and journaling papers. I use the Creative Memories Power Layout Guides to divide each folder into sections to hold the various shades of my fairly extensive CM cardstock collection. I have rolling bases and lids for each crate, which makes transporting them to crops that I host a breeze. Note: I do not take them to crops where I am just attending as a scrapper.

Shop Paper Crates on the SNS website: SHOP > PAPER ORGANIZATION > PAPER CRATES

12 x 12 Paper Holders

The 12 x 12 Paper Holders can be used for a variety of purposes – you may want to store your cardstock in these rather than the paper crates! I use the 15 Slot 12×12 Paper Holders for Kallax to store projects in progress. Be sure to add a couple packages of the PAPER SLEEVES to your order – these are fantastic options help keep pieces of a project all together. Note: These are the sleeves that Tessa & I use when we prep for classes.

Shop Paper Crates on the SNS website: SHOP > PAPER ORGANIZATION > 12 x 12 PAPER HOLDER

Creative Crate

I LOVE letter dies and one way that I keep my growing collection of them organized is by using the SNS Creative Crate. I have a medium crate as well as the Magnetic Sheets and Storage Pockets. The crate sits in a Kallax cube alongside my Cricut Cuttlebug (now discontinued.)

Shop Creative Crates, Magnetic Sheets and Storage Pockets on the SNS website: SHOP > STAMP & DIE STORAGE

Do you have Stamp n Storage pieces in your scrappy space? If you do, please share photos of them in use in our Scrapbook Ideas & Inspiration Group on Facebook!

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