In this blog post and video, we are going to create a basic scrapbooking layout using strips of paper and a 12″ Trimmer. In the video, we discuss ways to expand the design a bit further with additional elements.

Basic Scrapbooking Definitions

Layout: a one or two page scrapbook design.

Project Recipe: a layout idea with cutting guide that be adapted for use with any paper collection.

Cut Guide: a blueprint with measurements for cutting a piece of paper for a layout.

Cropping Photos: trimming a photo down from the original size.

Essential Scrapbooking Tools

Having a 12″ Trimmer is a must-have for scrapbooking. Here is a video how to use it. We also love the Creative Memories Border Maker System. Shopping links are the bottom of the post.

Beginning Scrapbook Handout

For this basic layout, you will need three printed papers, two base papers, and a 12″ Trimmer. Refer to the printable handout and the video for all the details.

Class Recap

3 Tips Before You Begin

  1. This layout uses three wide strips of paper on each layout. Choose one statement print (print that has a strong pattern or design) and two papers with more of a tonal pattern (monochromatic colors and subtle design). As shown, only 1″ of the base paper will show. This layout could be built on a scrapbook page or a white cover sheet using a 1″ x 12″ strip instead of the base paper.
  2. This layout can be used with the papers adhered vertically as shown in the Project Recipe, or rotate 90-degrees for a horizontal pattern.
  3. Expand the amount of photos used by adding peekaboo pockets or trim three photos to adhere stacked on the outside of the 4″ x 6″ horizontal photos.

3 Ways to Add Additional Enhancement

  1. Use the extra 4″ x 12″ strips from the cut guide to create extra 4″ x 6″ mats. Cut the extra 2″ x 12″ strip into two 1″ strips. Banner cut one end after trimming to desired length to create a banner tag. Adhere a section of a border sticker or use ABC letters to create a title bar.
  2. Use a decorative blade on the edges of the center strip then overlap it onto the pieces on each side. (This will make the 1″ section shown slightly larger as the other pieces shift to overlap.)
  3. Use an edge or knock-out style border punch along the outer strip.
  4. Use border stickers along any of the seams (where the strips meet).
  5. Add a large 6-3/4″ x 8-3/4″ mat beneath the 4″ x 6″ mats.

Below: Use 4×6″ peekaboo pockets to add additional photos to a layout. Two photos can be trimmed to fit on one mat. Along the outside of the horizontal photos, there is space to add a 4×6″ vertical photo or even stack two photos. The space can also be used to add a journaling box. Create a small cluster of three embellishments for a corner of the journaling box for extra enhancement. Sticker ABC letters can be used to add a title or date.

Bonus design tip: if you use an edge or knock-out style border punch and want to add more contrast, add a contrasting cardstock underneath by adding a strip of paper if it fits the chosen design. For the Sunshine Arches BMC, punch circles using the Circle Punch. Cut circles in half and tuck behind the arches.

Supplies Used in Class

Meggan: Adventure Parks Collection, Black Collegiate ABC, Art Deco Border Punch

Tessa: Gem Tones Collection, Sunshine Arches BMC, White Sans Serif ABC