In this blog post and video, we are going to create a basic scrapbooking layout using three sheets of paper and a 12″ Trimmer. In the video, we discuss ways to expand the design a bit further with additional elements.

Basic Scrapbooking Definitions

Sketch: a black/white/gray blueprint to give you a general idea of where to place papers and photos.

Layout: a one or two page scrapbook design.

Cut Guide: a blueprint with measurements for cutting a piece of paper for a layout.

Cropping Photos: trimming a photo down from the original size.

Essential Scrapbooking Tools

Having a 12″ Trimmer is a must-have for scrapbooking. Here is a video how to use it. Shopping links are the bottom of the post.

Beginning Scrapbook Handout

For this basic layout, you will need 3 sheets of paper and a 12″ Trimmer. Refer to the printable handout and the video for all the details.

Class Recap

3 Tips Before You Begin

  1. When choosing your printed paper, choose one that has two sides that complement each other, preferably one that is more of a tonal design and one that has more of a statement print. When cutting your strips, be sure you pay attention to the direction of the design if applicable.
  2. The base papers in this layout provide the matting for the photos. Choose a color that coordinates with your prints and allows your photos to pop against the background.
  3. If your photos do not fit the suggested measurements in this layout (3-1/2 x 5-1/2″), you have several options. If your photos need to stay at 4×6″, you can stack them horizontally or vertically without leaving the spacing. You can adjust the paper cuts to allow more space for photos. Or, you can layer the photos over the paper.

3 Tips to Upgrade this Basic Layout

  1. Use a knockout-style border punch or border maker cartridge in place of two of the strips. A knockout style keeps a straight edge along the top. After punching, trim to the desired width.
  2. Use decorative blades along the edges of the strips to add texture.
  3. Rearrange the pieces to accommodate photos as needed.

Supplies Used in Class

Meggan: Navy Combo Pack, Dark Sea Green Cardstock, Cable Weave Border Maker Cartridge

Tessa: Croptoberfest 2016 Paper Pack, Beige Cardstock, Boot Prints Border Punch, Deckle Decorative Blade